Some Advice for the Uni Students

It’s that time of year again when the newbies start heading off to university. All full of both excitement and trepidation for the new adventure on the horizon. Being pushed out into the cold, harsh world of reality. Out of the warm cosy busom of home where Mummy looked after your every need.

Well here are some tips for you gung ho uni students, just a few bits of helpful advice from someone who has been there and done it.

  • Work out your fellow students in your class. Which one is likely to quit within weeks, avoid them. Find out which ones know what they are on about or really genned up on the subject.
  • If you’re required to give a talk, answers, or presentation. It’s always best to go first or near the beginning.
  • When you get your deadline dates for papers, set your hand in date for a week before the actual date. This saves you rushing on the last day, because something always goes wrong.
  • Find one good general book for your course and then find out the best authors to follow up on.
  • Books from second hand shops a lot better than the bookshop on campus.
  • If your sharing a flat and need to buy things up front, get everyone’s money up front.
  • The show off’s at the beginning of the year, don’t usually last.
  • Be yourself.
  • Lastly enjoy yourself, it’s a fantastic time.

9/11 Still Sickening

It’s now 2am on the 10/11/11, ten years after the sickening 9/11 disaster. I’ve just spent the previous few hours watching the documentries on that fateful day. Even this far on from the tragedy, it is still one of the most haunting events in living memory. I remember watching this as it unfolded ten years ago when I was 27. I’ll admit that then and now I shed a couple of tears, the sheer scale of disaster is almost unimaginable. It was like watching a hollywood film, except not everyone walked out of this movie.

Not only was this act of terrorism sickening, but what was shown in the documentaries was the sickening calls for retribution by the American public to exact any revenge on the muslim community. This act of terrorism wasn’t committed by ordinary muslims, this was commited by a very small minority of muslim extremists. We wouldn’t see the KKK as representative of the American people, so why do they assume these terrorists represent all muslims.

These people were calling on the US to level Bhagdad or to bomb the Middle East into submission. This is no good, and aprt from anything else, impossible, as history has proved. These calls just lower yourself to level of a terrorist, it makes you no better than them. An eye for an eye never sorts out a problem. Only through strong rules, regulation and negotiation do we start to get anywhere. like everything else, we’re all humans, we are all basically the same apart from our colour and beliefs. I personally think the world or human race needs to concentrate on growing up and sorting out those things that divide us. This might sound whimsical and wishful, but we can all make a start surely.

The many brave people who lost their lives in 9/11 will never be forgotten.